Why Not Live & Work Your Passion?


Do you feel it would be impossible to succeed with your passion or earn an income doing it?  What would it really take to have work and life balance?  If you could pick something that inspires passion in you, and were guaranteed to only succeed, what would you choose?  Have you ever asked yourself, "what is keeping me from maximizing my full potential?"

Discover what it takes to live and work your passion and STILL earn money.  With this book, you will learn how to:

* Identify your obstacles

* Overcome obstacles hindering your success

* Find Passion in your work while creating balance in your life

* Maximize your true potential

* Implement an Action Plan to get started NOW!



Title: How To Live and Work Your Passion and Still Earn a Living

Author:  Rosemary Augustine

Publisher:  Blue Spruce Publishing Co    


ISBN: 0-9644711-7-5

Price: $21.50 US - soft cover book includes shipping to US address.

Soft Cover Book Size:

5-1/2 - 8-1/2 and 152 pages

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eBook Version: $5.99


Table of Contents