"Change is constant, all else revolves around it. Building career skills that compliment change in the 21st Century are essential to competing in today's business market."

Rosemary Augustine, Author 

Written in 1995, the downsizing of Corporate America has caused a dramatic change in the workforce even now - over 15 years later.  Whether you choose full time, part time, temporary, contract or self employment, you are part of today's workforce.

  • How will it impact your employment future?
  • Are you prepared for the next job or next career move?
  • Do you know what you really want in a career?
  • How is networking playing a role in your job search?
  • How is fear and lack of confidence hindering your search.

Facing Changes in Employment provides proven techniques to effectively position you in the job market, and create employment for you now and in the future - even now in the 21st century!




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